1. discredit, disfavor, make disreputable, injure or impair the credit or reputation of; censure, reproach, inveigh against; reduce, lower, degrade, downgrade, debase, abase, vitiate; shame, disgrace, dishonor; humiliate, humble, mortify, Sl. put down.
2. belittle, disparage, demean, deprecate, deflate, detract, decry, Inf. talk down; devaluate, depreciate, cheapen, lessen, decrease, diminish, bate, abate, attenuate, boil down, shrivel, wither, mitigate; minimize, slight, underestimate, underrate, undervalue, beggar, extenuate, underreckon, misprize, think nothing of, set no store by, fail to count on; deem-phasize, underplay, make light of, Inf. play down; lampoon, pasquinade, caricature, satirize; ridicule, mock, poke fun at, laugh at, sneer at, jeer at, jibe at; disdain, deride, contemn, scoff, spurn, scorn, pooh-pooh.
3. defame, denigrate, vilify, vituperate, vilipend, scandalize, malign, gibbet, run down, impugn, berate, revile, Inf. knock, Inf. rap, speak ill of, speak evil of, Sl. badmouth, Sl. poor mouth, backbite; slander, libel, calumniate, traduce, falsify, accuse falsely, impute, asperse, insinuate; injure, abuse, insult, attack, assail, stab, Sl. dump on, Sl. trash; criticize, pull to pieces, cut up, shred, Sl. do a number on, Sl. do a hatchet job on.
4.{ail of oneself) degenerate, deteriorate, decline, sink, worsen, retrogress, retrograde, run to seed, go to pot, go bad, lapse, fail, crumble, disintegrate; deprave, defile, corrupt, pervert.
5. grovel, crawl, creep, slither, worm, wallow; lie prone, stoop, bow, crouch, slouch; cringe, cower, quake, shake, tremble; be servile, behave abjectly, lick [s.o.'s] feet or boots; (all of oneself) degrade, abase, prostrate.

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  • Derogate — Der o*gate, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Derogated}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Derogating}.] [L. derogatus, p. p. of derogare to derogate; de + rogare to ask, to ask the people about a law. See {Rogation}.] 1. To annul in part; to repeal partly; to restrict; to… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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